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TACL LID Summer 2000 Counselor / Staff Application
Applicant must be a senior in high school or older to apply
(questions about this email
and must be 5'4"-6', 135-180lbs, 23+ yrs old and you must be a damm fine male *kidding*

Name (you may include your name in your previous life):
Taiwanese Name:
School Address (so I can stalk you):
Home Address (so I can stalk your parents):
Website: http://
Birthdate/When you were hatched:

Parents' Names:
Ethnic Background:
Education (name of high school/college and major):

Are you applying as COUNSELOR or Staff?

Have you ever been to be a TACL conference?

Old staffers. Name some of your campers.

These positions will take a large time commitment. Will you be able to follow through? Are you available to meet on weekends from July to August?(at least 6 Saturday meetings prior to camp) People on Taiwanese time. We have something special for you guys.

Where will you be most of the summer. (Mars, another dimension)

Tell me 3 strange things about yourself? (you like Green Eggs and Ham?)

What does it mean to be Taiwanese to you?

Will you have transportation to the meetings? (via teleportation? Beam me up Scotty)

What do you think you can offer to TACL LID Camps? (i.e. Have you ever facilitated a workshop? Know any Taiwanese cultural dances? etc etc)

What are your strengths and weakness? (kryptonite, can bust out in Taiwanese/Daige like no other.) 

What are the greatest problems and challenges facing young Taiwanese-American growing up today?

What extracurricular activities do you participate in?

How do you think TACL conferences could improve?

What is your most memorable experience about TACL?

What do you predict yourself doing in 10 years?
What are some of your favorite Taiwanese foods? and can you cook? and will you cook for me?

Things you remember about Taiwan (good or bad) tso tofu, squatting toilets, flying cockroaches,  generous relatives, GIORDANO, night markets

Will you promise to find the coordinator a nice sexy single man? (Me likes the Dean Cain kinds hubba hubba you know SINGLE MEN FOR SINGLE JEN)

Do the dance of joy!!! Homework time!!!
1)  Interview someone in your family (i.e. parents or your Ah Gong or Ah Ma) and find something about your family. Like when did they immigrate to America? Why did they?  We will be sharing this in our meeting. Trust me this will turn out to be fun. Be creative.
2) Come to the meetings with IDEAS, IDEAS, IDEAS start using that grey matter.
3) Some well known Taiwanese phrases or sayings.

*******During camp, NO DRINKING, or SMOKING will be permitted (for staff or campers).*******
So if you don't think you can go cold turkey for those days of camp better start bustin out the nicorette.
**If you think you cannot comply by this rule, please reconsider applying. Otherwise, please initial on the following line stating that these regulations will be followed__________

1. copy the text

2. paste into e-mail. E-mail to

3. answer form in the e-mail

And lastly
Doe Sha for your interest in helping out TACL!