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Leadership & Identity Development Conference

Regretting that you missed out on last year's highly successful conference? Or are you going through TACL camp withdrawal and attacking and dressing up yams for no apparent reasons and need your TACL fix? Well, your prayers have been answered because…

Taiwanese American Citizens League (TACL) is proud to present their annual summer youth LID (leadership & identity development) conference this August 20-23 at the fabulous Wylie Woods Presbyterian Conference Center located nearby the beautiful Lake Arrowhead.

Ai-yah! Camp theme? I know what some of you city folks are thinking. It's going to be like the TV show Survivor, Taiwanese style. But have no fear; this year's location is equipped with clean bathrooms. Think no tents, which is a big step up from our previous camps.

And no we won't make you eat rats. But come on; be real with us, being Taiwanese you know we've eaten parts of animals that they don't even put in hotdogs.

And remember those fun and team-building rope courses? Well, that's going to be available this year too.

Most importantly, what's coming back are those educational, empowering and interactive workshops about leadership, Taiwanese identity and culture. Learn about such things as the Taiwanese American experience as well find out why tso dofu is so stinky. Or ever wonder what to do with those leftover bobas? Then come to camp. Showcase your talent at our always entertaining Taiwan Night with your fellow Taiwanese Americans who come from all over Southern California. Here's your chance to earn that TACL-LID 2000 Golden Bah-Tsang award.

So needing that breather from a summer filled with long hours spent at SAT courses and summer school? Because we've all been there and we feel your pain. Then quickly fill out this form and run, yes run, run, run like the wind to your mailbox. None of that Taiwan Time. Or you to might go medieval for missing out on another informative and fun-filled conference. So feel free to invite all your family members, friends, foes, extraterrestrials, and multiple personalities to camp this year.

Any other questions about the conference? Feel free to drop us a line. To contact our TACL-LID 2000 coordinator Jennifer Kuo, call the TACL office at (626) 571-7197 or email her at

Registration is also available online~!

For more info on TACL-LID go to our homepage.

And for those campers that are going through TACL withdrawal, KIT with all your TACL Buddies.


The 2000 TACL-LID Staff

Taiwanese speaking contact:
Rosa Yan (626) 573-0709