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Felt like you didn’t have a long enough winter break and missed out on the chance to go skiing or snowboarding? Are you bursting with energy to get away from school for a weekend? How about some boba drinks for free? Well…

Taiwanese American Citizens League (TACL) can’t wait to present their annual winter youth LID (leadership & identity development) conference this February 16th-19th at the picturesque Camp Wasewagan located near Big Bear Lake.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a winter camp, and we’re determined to show that TACL is grand in the winter just like the summer, which is why everyone will be bonding in heated cabins with unlimited hot water to shower. What about the snow? Well, let’s just say this camp is located at the backside of Bear Mountain’s runs. Food is actually edible, and the menu is created just the way we like it. Besides, who hasn’t eaten something worse than cafeteria food?

Most importantly are the fun filled and interactive workshops about Taiwanese American identity and culture. And we can’t forget the arts that the Taiwanese has so greatly influenced our life in America. Demonstrate the creative animal you are when you choose group names and cheers. Aside from the leadership skills, show your competitive side during the snow contest. We remember all the different talents on Taiwan night, and of course we know how much you all can’t wait to get your groove on at the dance. Give your friends an earache about camp when you go to school!

So ya’ll take a deep breath and get into the spirit of winter TACL and take this filled out form to the nearest mailbox. No “Taiwan Time” or else the boba will turn moldy and hard. Please invite all your family members and homies to camp, especially since we’re going to be on the slopes.

Any other questions about the conference feel free to drop us a line. To contact our TACL-LID 2001 coordinator please contact Yingka Chou at (310) 534-1226 or email her at